Das Außerirdische tötet   toc   The Waiting Trap
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When I went into the video store
and the girl said two fifty, I said: 
But I've already paid!
Yes, for yesterday.
But, do you mean 
that one has to return it on the same day?
Yes, she said, and added that her colleague told me of course.
He told me nothing!
Yes, he told me of course.
But you weren't even there!
I had started to shout, but
she knew her colleague, he told me of course.
He told me nothing! And a speck of foam
from my lips
settled on her bust, the shelves reeled
and my hand came 
- while with strange clarity 
I saw a great horn 
ramming her body through -
down on the counter
with a magnificent slap.
You needn't spit at me.
It wasn't intentional!,
I bellowed.


© Anthony Thwaites