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A Toddler with Attitude

Vibrations of no good kind	
have somehow come to me.
I cannot tell what happened,
I have no memory,
my brainpan pulsing, empty,
I - overstrained myself?	

Then dimly I remember
that someone said something.
I only know 'delusion'
was one expression used.
It must have been: they warn me
not to delude myself
that I might be a person
- I suddenly feel hot -	
but they just want to help me
to face reality.

I still vibrate with something -
a hopeful image looms:
a grinning skull, in two parts,
cleft by a silvery blade,
some brain sprays out to hit me
and I realize
that fear of this attack
had dulled my memory,
has held the fury back.

A great hilarious barking	
explodes the company,
it's roaring, shrieking, gasping:	
A toddler! - With attitude?!

	2006-12 - 2007-02

© Anthony Thwaites