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Voyage to the moon in three parts

While misspelling 'wether' I suddenly knew
that I wasn't.
The sun wasn't 
shining, a wether was climbing 
the sky,
drawing a sledge with a boy,
throwing hail. 
Now, whether the wether knew it was helping to make bad weather,
I don't know.
However, the boy's bad temper
I can explain: 
What idiot created those three?!

Then - damn it! - another error:
having actually imagined a ram drawing the sledge
I now realize that
a beast whithout balls 
can't sow hail,
while the boy's three parts 
are also, 
though only temporarily, gone,
taken by the moon's good goddess
fat, grinning
confirming the suspicion 
of a moon made of cheese.
The wether grows fat and complacent,
its diet of round moon rocks
makes for throwing up, 
in time.


© Anthony Thwaites