Ich treffe den Wiedergaenger wieder   toc   friend equals foe
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Sorry song of evil man

It has been a nagging question
why I hate humans so much.
One reason will be the thing,
I mean what happened to me -
just a little instance
of what man does.
I wish for a great pissing
to wash earth clean.
I want universal murder
which were so wrong
if I didn't see killing and killing
ever since man began.
He is a great feeder
on mammal, bird, fish;
he is a great waster
of earth, human, truth. 
Truth is a human concept 
invented by him who lies.
Deceipt, his proudest invention,
permits him to kill everything. 
I wish for a race of robots
to rain fire on us,
who are the grim reapers
of thuna, bison, whale,
who are the prim enslavers
of pig, chick, child.
Man was created evil,
Rousseau told a lie.
Oh, why was I born a human?!
I don't want to die!


© Anthony Thwaites