Sehversuche | Trying to see


good god


Ein von anderen bewohntes Haus

Toeten und nicht Sterben


Die Dame und der Hundertfüßer

A hard time at the ticket office

Motorcycle noise in desolate China

Kein Platz. Zu spät

Swept along


Pay up

The fruits of crime

Pig Predators

Die Sicherheit versprechen


Schlechtes Gedicht

Tornado of words

Meine Mutter war eine Terroristin

ängstigte ihn das Alter


Freund, schmutziges Wort

Es wartete

Frau und Hund

Women and dogs

Fighting the knot prose

From on high prose



The intelligent tool

A chorus of elders

Mutters Antwort prosa


Frösche und Wasser prosa



Sirens, no legend


The battery works

Entzug einer Vorstellung

ABC des Nasenwahns prosa

The repetition hurts

Die Wiederholung tut weh

mother's helper

Sogenannte Muttermilch

friend equals foe


Sorry song of evil man

Ich treffe den Wiedergaenger wieder audioaudio: Ich treffe den Wiedergaenger wieder

Schwieriger Verkauf einer Immobilie


The bright appraisers audioaudio: The bright appraisers

Sad audioaudio: Sad

Fürchterlicher Kaufvertrag


A friend offers his help


Politics on a small scale

Ich muss schnitzen

I wonder how my uncle died

Großvater Paradoxon audioaudio: Großvater Paradoxon

Harte Arbeit audioaudio: Harte Arbeit

Feueropfer mit Führer audioaudio: Feueropfer mit Führer

Dissociation Instructions audioaudio: Dissociation Instructions

The old must be excused

Weil ihr mich nicht hört, spreche ich leise audioaudio: Weil ihr mich nicht hört, spreche ich leise

The black receiver in my grandfather's house audioaudio: The black receiver in my grandfather's house

Dummes Formular

A child works perfectly as a mirror of lust


How can I get rid of the juice? audioaudio: How can I get rid of the juice?


Grandmother, mother and I audioaudio: Grandmother, mother and I

The drivelling dead audioaudio: The drivelling dead

Die Löschung audioaudio: Die Löschung

Schreckliche Leute

Voyage to the moon in three parts

The lying fly audioaudio: The lying fly

Stockholm Syndrome

2006 - 2005

Kapitän Fragensteller


A Toddler with Attitude

Mother and son audioaudio: Mother and son

Betrayer, my opposite number audioaudio: Betrayer, my opposite number

Die ungeahnte Schwierigkeit sprechen zu lernen

I'm not angry


Nightmare instructions audioaudio: Nightmare instructions

The Waiting Trap

2003 -2000


Das Außerirdische tötet prosa

Eine Blumentopfbesatzung trifft auf Mars den .... sprechenden Bären prosa


kellnerinnen prosa

der rennleiter erkrankt prosa

KNACK audioaudio: KNACK



einkaufsbummel auf mars

Stop moving and I will consider you dead prose

donald vor grün

weichtiere auf der rennbahn prosa

Die Bewegung von Ich zu Ich ist unmöglich


strange saint

dangerous thing

Identitäten audioaudio: Identitäten


behind your ear



vögleins ende

Hure identifiziert audioaudio: Hure identifiziert

dummer odysseus



1997 - 95

Der kleine Barnelmann

der seltsame ichgeschmack

der Stachel audioaudio: der Stachel

Flucht vom Fest

zur kinderzeit

physical production

die seiltänzerin flüstert

die falle

Männer und Enten prosa

Mutter opfert sich

new selection of texts on this page
neue auswahl von texten hier


Es fragt nicht, es trügt gern,
es dankt nicht, es frisst gern,
es liebt meine Dinge, 
nimmt sie mir ab.
Hinter mir, vor mir
kommt's aus dem Strauch,
unerkannt, sichtbar,
schnüffelt - schnauft,
verwirrt mich, ich weiß nicht.
Sein Grunzen verklingt.
Nackt bin ich, 
und schäm' mich.


The bright appraisers

On a hot day four men came into my house,
jeering at my new carpet in the hall, chucklingly
trampling up the rickety staircase, disdainfully 
walking over the great room, ticking off  "high 
ceilings which we don't need", boredly staring 
around the attic (later in their report declaring 
the entirely unexamined roofing beyond repair), 
not even bothering to enter my pretty room;
good-humoredly stepping out the front door, 
explaining they would, graciously, not subtract 
demolition cost from plot value because
that would leave me with a negative number, 
responding to my dumbfounded query whether 
they had, then, found the whole structure to be 
unsound with, amidst laughter, the hilarious 
statement that "we can't look into the walls!"

6. July / 1. November 2009


Apparently friendly mysterious creature 
that thought I might in the meantime 
have become normal enough 
to attach importance to birthdays. 
And mine.

Disappointed there she realized that 
I hadn't become less unstable and 
nobody could treat me with enough 
circumspection except 

I know she knows I mostly don't know 
what's real. I never realized but now 
seem to hear her saying the same things 
since years past and suddenly know
that I never liked it; 

but can't avoid accepting the chocolates 
nor seem to escape the casual embrace.


A child works perfectly as a mirror of lust

Was the case that it, 
commanded by the greed in her eyes, 
had to act like a man? 

Or was the case that he, 
seduced by its childisch perverseness, 
merely acted like a man?

Or was the case that he
play-acting a female commanded it, by the greed in his eyes, 
to act like a man?



The gaze of yonder calm blue eyes
belies a torrent of panic and cries
making no show of strength and strength
their power twinkling above the flood, 
no more hiding and running and blood.
The gaze of yonder calm blue eyes
proves direction above the waves,
above the fighting and tears of spite,
I suddenly gasp at  god's blue light.


© Anthony Thwaites